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Welcome to Fabulocity! Teaching you how to be fabulous on a dime sized budget. Let's face it we all want to be fabulous, but we can't neccesarily drop a pretty penny on those Manolo Blahniks we've been eyeing all season. That's where I come in, I'm here to help you feel and look like a million bucks, without the giant price tag of course. So let's be fabulous..shall we? Today is Saturday, April 29, 2017



Hello my loves! I know I haven't been on FABULOCITY in a while, so my apologies....things have been very busy, but yet exciting! I'm starting my own clothing line, I'm really going after my dreams and I am determined to make into the fashion world with full force! Anywho in the midst of doing that, I have started another blog, La Vida Leesi....www.lavidaleesi.onsugar.com so please please check it out! It's more of a personal blog, where I share my three fav passions in life...family, friends, and of course fashion! So check it out let me know what you think and follow it if you like it!! Thanks to everyone for the support! You all have lovely and unique blogs!! :)




5 Fabulous OBSESSIONS This Week!


Must Listen! - Dog Days are Over - Florence & The Machine

Drugstore.com - CoverGirl Ruby Dust Sparkle Polish $3.89
Nordstrom - Kensie Viola Sunglasses $50.00
LuLu's - Honky Tonk Hangbag $45.00
Nordstrom - Titanium Boyfriend Watch $18.00

Hello loves! Hope Monday isn't treating you all too badly, but here are a few things to brighten your day!

1. Boyfriend Watch! In the words of Rachel Zoe "I Die!" such a cute accessorie and a must get for the fall season!
2. Fring Handbags...so bohemian with a chic twist absolutely love it!

3. I've been on the hunt for a quality pair of oversized sunglasses, I am in love with the Kensie Viola sunglasses, so vintage but yet perfectly subtle!

4. I am OBSESSED...OBSESSED I tell you! Over sparkle nail polish, it's just so much fun and adds a pop to your nails, go on give it a try you know you wanna!

5. Last but not least, the song "Dog days are over" by Florence and The Machine is like musical heaven for your ears!

Until Next time, remember to always stay fabulous! XoXo FABULOCITY


It's OK, it's still FABULOUS...


...if you celebrate hump day, it's a good reseason to celebrate if you ask me.

...if you get sucked into watching every episode of the Bachelorette.

...to bedazzle your nails and want to show them off to everybody, even strangers!

...to be ballsy, go after what you want!

...to wear tie-dye in public places.

Happy hump day everyone!


Jessica Simpson Inspired Pieces

Shiehk Shoes - Bamboo Jojo Boots $34.97
Forever 21 - Destroyed Denim Cutoffs $16.90
Nordstrom - Cubic Zirconia Studs $38.00
LuLu's - Melie Bianco Kiss Me Kate Bag $86.00
Mango Shop - Irene Sunglasses $ 9.99
Forever 21 - Folliage Guaze Top $19.90

Here are some Jessica Simpson inspired pieces! Enjoy!!


Style ICON of the Week!


Hello Dearies! It's Tuesday and we all know what that means...Style ICON of the week is here!!

This week it's darling Jessica Simpson! Her style has the country girl charm with a bit of sass thrown into the mix, no wonder her clothing company is so successful, just look at her own style! LOVE IT!

Until Next time, always remember to stay fabulous! XoXo FABULOCITY


5 Fabulous OBSESSIONS This Week!

Nordstrom - Chinese Laundry Jelly Flat $39.95
DSW - Converse Chuck Taylor Hightops $39.95
Go Jane - Patent Trim Bow-Front Pump $25.20

Forever 21 - Portia Gladiator Sandals $19.80

LuLu's - Blowfish Hottem Flannel Military Boot $71.00

Hello lovelies!

So I'm currently OBSESSED with shoes this week!! I've been on the wild hunt to find the perfect pair, only problem is there's way too many cute styles to choose from...If only money grew on tree's! Here are a few of my favorite styles!

1. Flannel Military boot...can I say yes?! So chic and they'll keep your toesies and legs warm for when fall arrives!
2. Gladiator Sandals! I feel like these need to become a staple item in any women's wardrobe, I don't think this style is going anywhere for a while!

3. I am LOVING this pump! The color is fiercly fabulous and it has patent leather piping, that's definitely a party shoe!

4. Good old classic chucks! I love the white color, so cute and looks perfect with skinny jeans or even leggings. No need to worry about getting them dirty, if they're beige by the end of the week it just adds to the vintage feel of em'.

5. Jelly Flat = LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Enjoy the shoe madness and until next time, remember to always stay fabulous! XoXo FABULOCITY


It's OK, it's still FABULOUS...


...if you turn down a job offer during the recession. (do something that makes you happy, don't settle!)

...if your mouth waters every time you walk past the new collection of Louboutins.

...to have the urge to wear boots, even if it isn't fall yet.

...to have a countdown until the season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project..."I die!"

...if you decided to stay in on a friday night and share a banana split with someone you love.


Kate Hudson Inspired Style

DSW - Nine West Frolic Suede Boot $59.95
Charlotte Russe - Fedora with Braided Band $12.50

Charlotte Russe - Tab-Front Pocket Tote $26.50

Forever 21 - Fab Classic Bootcut Jeans $14.50
Go Jane - Design Style Sunglasses $5.80
Lulu's - Fruit Loops Bangle Set $17.00
Forever 21 -Silk Chiffon Foliage Top $27.80

Here are some Kate Hudson inspired pieces! So Cute! Enjoy!!


Style ICON of the Week!


Hello loves! Happy Tuesday!

So this week, I'm completely in love with Kate Hudson's style, she's the classic all american bohemian-surfer chick. Her style is a mix of casual with a hippie twist, which is of course completely fabulous! Enjoy!!

Until Next time, remember to always stay fabulous! XoXo FABULOCITY


LuLu's goes Stripes Galore!

Turntable Reversible Hobo - $46.00
Rooftop Garden Hat - $40.00
Say Anything Top - $28.00
BB Dakota Jack Fonda Coat - $69.00
Mini Golf Mini Dress - $30.00

Hello my fabulous followers!

This week I've really been in the shopping mood, so I of course have been browsing my favorite online stores, but I'm starting to notice a major trend catching on...any guess as to what it might be?? All I have to say is that I'm loving this new trend and I see it transitioning very well into the fall season!!

Enjoy Dearies! Until next time, remember to always stay fabulous! XoXo FABULOCITY


Military and Navy! Oh My!

LuLu's - Sandcastle Shorts $45.00
Nordstrom - Steve Madden "Yachht" Shoe $49.95
LuLu's - Love Boat Dress $34.00
Forever 21 - Striped Classic Top $9.80
Forever 21 - Anchors Away Necklace $6.80
LuLu's - Beach Bunny Bag $20.00

Hello Lovely's! Hope everyone is having a splendid week! As I was puroosing some of my favorite online sites this morning, I noticed a ton of Military and Navy inspired pieces so I figured I would re-create the look with some of my absolute favorite pieces that I found this morning!

The Navy look is not only cute, but it's chic-ly classic! I love the cute Anchor accessories and am going crazy for the blue and white stripes! Love it!!


Military and Navy! Oh My!

Mango Shop -Trouser's Pen3 $39.90
Nasty Gal - Bobbie Shrunken Blazer $32.00

LuLu's - Cute Recruit Dress $36.00

Forever 21 - Satin Military Blouse $24.80
LuLu's - Anne Michelle Addiction 62 Bootie $38.50
Forever 21 - Utility Fashion Bag $32.80

Attention! The Military look isn't just for soldiers now a days, it's making a huge impact on fashion with colors and silhouettes that scream "SIR YES SIR!" Who knew a man in uniform would inspire women's fashion! Enjoy dearies!

Until next time, remember to always stay fabulous, XoXo FABULOCITY


It's OK, it's still FABULOUS...


...to want to buy a slip n' slide. If not now, when? (besides can you say...PARTY!)

...to be both team Edward and team Jacob.

...if you go back for a second margarita...or a third..or fourth.

...if you sing and dance in the mirror like Katy Perry to "California Gurls."

...to play with sparklers, even if you're the oldest person in the crowd.


Denim Days of Summer!

LuLu's - Empire State of Mind Purse $40.00
LuLu's - Dance Lesson's Skirt $30.00
LuLu's - Runaway Vest
Nordstrom - Steve Madden Yachht Shoes $49.95

Gap - Jeggings $69.50

Forever 21 - Metallic Foil Shades Tank $12.80
Forever 21 - Multibeaded Necklace $8.80
Nordstrom - Lily White Scalloped Tank $36.00
Forever 21 - Bleached Denim short Overalls $27.80

Hello my loves! Last week my sister picked up the June issue of InStyle and I've completely fallen in love with their "Denim A to Z" section! So I figured I would create my own little Denim fashion sesh with my favorite denim pieces from the article!

OVERALLS! - Okay Okay, I know the last time we all probably wore overalls was when we were in like the 5th grade right? Well guess what, they're back and they're looking more fierce then ever, recently seen on the runway with Jean Paul Gaultier's Summer 2010 collection paired with a frilly top and beaded necklaces. So cute!!

JEGGINGS! - I'll admit I'm a huge fan of regular leggings, but I was a bit spectical when they came out with "Jeggings." Trust me ladies no spectical needed for these, they're amazingly comfortable and easy to work into your wardrobe!

DENIM VEST! - There's just something so rock n' roll about it! It's perfect to pair with a girly skirt and a studded handbag to mix and match the girly vibe with the rocker style.

Enjoy the denim madness! Until next time, always stay fabulous XoXo FABULOCITY.


OPI - SHREK it out!

Funky Donkey
What's with the Cattitude
Who the Shrek are you
Rumple's Wiggin'
Ogre the Top Blue
Fiercely Fiona

OPI's Shrek Forever After Collection is by far my favorite collection that they've ever done! I love how the colors are so unique but yet fun and perfect for summer! My personal Favorite is Rumple's Wiggin', it looks so fabulous on!!

Check out www.mbeautylounge.com to get great deals on the Shrek Forever After Collection, along with other fabulous OPI colors!

These colors are just as cute as the movie!


We <3 Summer!

Forever 21 - Native Denim Shorts $16.90
MBeauty Lounge - Rosy Future $5.50
Forever 21 - Studded Ankle Boots $35.80
Forever 21 - Floral Eyelet Tiered Dress $29.80
Forever 21 - Floppy Sun Hat $12.80
LuLu's - Side of Ranch Hangbag $47.00
Victoria Secret - Balconet Bikini $28.50

Hello Dearies! I'm loving this warm summer weather and all that this glorious season has to offer! Every summer is a time where people really get to show off thier style, so break out the short shorts and bathing suits because summer is officially here! Here are a few of my favorite summer styles for this year! First up, Midwestern Darlin' is a little bit country and little bit rock n' roll! Simply Fabulous! Enjoy!


We <3 Summer!

MBeauty Lounge - Brisbane Bronze $5.50
Charlotte Russe - Snake Print Sandals $24.50
LuLu's - Goldi Rocks Hangbag $48.00
LuLu's - That's how Wrister is Written bangle set $14.00

Forever 21 - Linen Cargo Pants $22.90

Forever 21 - Ethnic Pattern Romper $19.90
Victoria Secret - Twisted Bandeau Suit $36.50

I love how this style is infused with Safari and Tribal prints!!


We <3 Summer!


MBeatuy Lounge - OPI Catch me in your net $5.80

Roxy - We are Tigers Tee $24.50
Forever 21 - F7782 Sunglasses $5.80
LuLu's - Kingston Bangle Set $15.00
Forever 21 - Embroidered Maxi Dress $29.80
Victoria's Secret - Tie-dye Bikini $29.00

This summer style is perfect if you want to feel laid back and relaxed all while looking cute at the same time! Love this look!

Until next time, enjoy the summer sun and always stay fabulous! XoXo FABULOCITY


5 Fabulous OBSESSIONS This Week!

Target - Nuetrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock SPF 70 $9.94

Katy Perry's California Gurls Single!

Target - Covergirl Shine Blast Lip Gloss $7.99
LuLu's - Bamboo Dexter 66 Gray Studded Sandals $27.00
Forever 21 - Paint Splatter Denim Short $17.80

Hellllo loves! Sorry for the delay in posting it's been a busy and exciting couple of weeks!

So so soooo happy that summer is FINALLY here, which means warm sunshiny weather, trips to the beach, late summer nights hanging with friends, and margaritas in sombrero's! Check out my current obssesions this week...in the words of Rachel Zoe "I die."

This week I am LOVING...

1. Denim cut-offs! Total must get for summer item, they're rugid and cute!

2. Little wedge sandals, perfect for when you don't feel like trompsing around in clunky wedges or being dull wearing flats..the perfect amount of height!

3. Katy Perry!! Can we please talk about how perfect her California Gurls single is for a summertime jam. love it!

4. Shineblast Lip Gloss, reminds me of being a teen again, go with a subtle color and you'll look freshly fierce.

5. Sunblock...Okay true story, I recently went to the beach last week, let's just say I came back looking like a lobster, which is NOT fabulous. So ladies sunblock it up because A) you don't want to get cancer and B) you don't want to look like you're fifty, when really you're only thirty.

So Until next time lovies, enjoy the glorious season of summer and remember to always stay fabulous!



Whitney Port Inspired Pieces

TopShop - Large Claps Purse $10.00
Forever 21 - F5613 Sunglasses $5.80
Lulu's - SODA Big Braid Thong $20.00

Forever 21 - Beaded Dreams Knit Top $22.80

Lulu's - Land Locked Bracelet $17.00
TopShop - Rose Floral Hotpants $30.00

Nasty Gal - Loose Knit Sweater $82.00

Here are a few picks that were inspired by Whitney Port's unique style! Enjoy!!


Style ICON of the Week!


Hello My loves! So I've come to the conclusion that I'm completely in love with Whitney Port's style! It's so unique but yet it all works together nicely. She's fierce and fabulous and isn't afraid to step outside the box when it comes to fashion. That is why she is a total style icon. Wahoo!!


Tik Tok! Time for Prom Season!


It's absolutely fabulous to dance to this song but please don't brush your teeth with a bottle of jack. that's just not classy.


FOREVER21 Takes over Prom Madness!


Girly Whirly

Pair with elegant low sidebun for a girly touch!
Forever 21 - Fab Chiffon Bobby Pin $1.50
Forever 21 - Triple Beaded Necklace $7.80
Forever 21 - Techno Diva Pump $22.80

Hello my Loves!

So this week's post was a fun one to do, since it being prom season and all, my lovely friend Alex thought we should go down memory lane and shop aka "research" prom dresses (on a budget of course!) So we headed to our local mall and began our adventure, we searched high and low to find dresses that were actually cute and not just a huge ball of taffeta. We didn't have much luck at stores that specialized in evening gowns, so we decided to take a chance at Forever 21 where we found plenty of options to choose from and all reasonably priced! So even if you don't have a prom to go to, these are still fabulous options for you to use if and when you have a special event to go to! Enjoy!!

This first look is actually two pieces, it's a bustier top with a cute frilly skirt picked out by Alex! I think it would look trey chic if you were to pair it with Metallic pumps, pearls, and a low side bun with a flowered bobby pin to finish off the outfit with a girly feel! This is so chanel because "Every girl should be two things. Classy and Fabulous!"


FOREVER21 Takes over Prom Madness!



Forever 21 - Glamorous Rhinestone Clutch $15.80
Pair with ultra glam twisted updo!
Forever 21 - Coil Wrap Rhinestone Bracelet $7.80
Forever 21 - Slatted Peeptoe Pump $24.80

This look is so fabulous and glamorous all at once! This dress was surprisingly cute on and if you pair it with some cage heels and blinged out accessories and a rockstar hairstyle you are ready to hit the dance floor and dance the night away!


FOREVER21 Takes over Prom Madness!


Elegant Country

Pair with sideswept soft waves and red lipstick!
Forever 21 - Patent Leatherette Peep Toe Pumps $22.80
Forever 21 - Divinity Stud Earring Set $3.80
Forever 21 - Rose Embossed Bangle $5.80
Forever 21 - Sullen Braided Necklace $19.80

I ABSOLUTELY love this look! This was by far my favorite dress and who knew my friend Alex picked it out and said "you must try this!" Leave it to a boy! This look is elegance mixed with a bit of southern country with the flowered printed dress and paired with the lady like shade of pink accessories and some pop with red peep toes to match your fabulous red lips!

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